Thursday, 5 May 2011

Local Elections

As this is my first Google Blog thought I would keep it simple. Yeh right.

Today is Local Council Election Day in the UK as well as us deciding on a possible new parliamentary Voting system in the UK. I will leave AV alone as its complicated enough compared with "first past the post".

All of us from time to time moan about our local councils and usually we say "What is our Councillor doing about it" Councillors are elected by the people in the area that represent. its funny how at election time we suddenly get all this paperwork through our doors telling us what a candidate plans to do and in some cases how long they have served in that Electrol Ward. They may be the named person because some people have bothered to go out and vote for them but how many people even know who their local councillor is or was.

Just like a Business, prospective councillors (whether old or new) are out their to sell their services to us the electorate. In return we may choice to go and Vote for them. But if that service they have promised is not delivered what do we do? Sit on our backsides and moan that they are all the same or words to that effect. If a business then you would go elsewhere but certainly would consider complaining to them. The same should be for councillors once they are elected as they represent the people of the area in which they have been voted to serve. It maybe just for a year or in some local authorties like Birmingham it could be up to three years.

As in the slogan used by a very well known supermarket "Every little helps" and your vote could be the difference that makes a change in the political representation of your area.

Therefore your Vote absolutely counts so make full use of it, as politics whether we like it or not affects all areas of our lives to some extent.

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