Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer or lack of it.

What the British are good at is discussing the weather. its either "Too hot" "Too Cold" or "Too wet".  Well Summer is what many people are discussing at the moment or lack of it. Definition of Summer is the warmer months between Spring and Autumn defined as June, July and August. This being when the sun (you know that orange glowing thing we should see in the sky) is at its highest in the Northern Hemisphere.

Earlier this year many part of the UK were declared a drought area and no soon after that the rains came, and came and contnued to fall with moderate spells of dryness

There were floods and for a while it was said that it was the wrong type of rain so the drought orders remained  in force.

Summer Fetes and other events were cancelled. Both the East and West Coast Railway lines between England and Scotland were cut of by deep water on the tracks. The image below is the tracks North of Carlisle on 23rd June

But us British werent going to be detered by bad weather and even the Royal Family gave us something to smile and be patriotic about over the first weekend in June. This was when we had the Flotilla of various waterborne Craft on the River Thames.

And not forgetting the Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace organised in chief by Gary Barlow. That was a sight indeed to behold especially when the darkness came and images were projected across the Palace.

And in less than two weeks time we shall have the start of the Modern Olympics followed by the para-olympics. The Olympic Torch Carriers have shown their own pride and courage as they have carried this light of the world around the UK. Even the British weather hasnt been able to put a damper on that

Despite the worse than normal changeable British weather so much has happened to lift the spirits during these hard times I think. Personally speaking in this Diamond Jubilee year its cetainly one thats going to be remembered by such a lot of people. Whether for the good times as mentioned above or for the other not so good incidences, mentioning a few names that have appeared on our front pages and made the top stories on the TV news, Barclays, HSBC, Natwest (RBS) G4S, HS2  and many others.

Summer aint over yet so as a Monty Python Song once said, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" ..... Summer Sun is only round the corner we are told.

Have a good one wherever youa re and whatever your up to.